Nubian Queens Society

Growing Gracefully under Life's Pressures


The Nubian Queen Society is dedicated to providing unique cultural experiences to pre-teens, 10-13; teens 14-17, and young women 18-21. Our goal is to empower young princesses and assist them in becoming beautiful Nubian Queens.

We are reaching out to young women growing up in challenging environments whose well-being and futures are in danger.  Nubian Queen Society is a safe haven for these young queens, providing them with the opportunity to be mentored by professional and successful women.

We know that the young girls of today are the women of tomorrow.  Therefore, we hold the future in our hands when we decide to be a positive influence in a young girls life.



Our future queens will experience the finer things in life, explore the world beyond their hood and hopefully transform their lives.  Here, young princesses are treated as royalty, encouraged to dream, and given the necessary tools to make their dreams a reality. 

The Royal Treatment


Princesses work with successful African-American women in small workshops focusing on:


  • Cultural & Creative Expression
  • Health & Beauty
  • Education & Career Counseling
  • Life Management Skills & Finance
  • Self-Awareness
  • Spirituality
  • Community Service

Special Projects include:

  • Book Club
  • Fine Dining Events
  • Performing Arts
  • Magazine
  • Fashion Shows
  • Spa Parties & Makeovers
  • Banquets and Balls
  • Travel



The topic for this months workshop is Self Evaluation, Self Awareness leading to Self Control.


Give yourself a voice and speak your mind.

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